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The concept of Men’s Jewellery is evolving everyday. Their collection of cool accessories no longer revolves around leather strap wristbands or expensive wristwatches. It includes all of that and more. If you think Indian men don’t enjoy their share of bling, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, what was once only a part of a festive ensemble has now become a part of their everyday wardrobes.
Whether it is your father, brother, husband or friend – our collection will appeal to them all. At Orionz, we offer a grand selection of men’s jewellery in the form of chunky bracelets, contemporary rings, cool ear studs and extremely dapper tiepins and cufflinks for those who love to suit-up!
From engagement rings, to Valentine’s Day gifts to birthday presents – you will find the perfect gift for him from our varied collection of stylish contemporary pieces as well as timeless classics.
If you are buying jewellery for yourself and are a beginner, then look for a lightweight casual design or go for a subtle accessory like a pair of cufflinks or a cool tie-pin. However, if you want to display your hip and cool side, minus all the melodrama, then you must look at our bold collection of men’s bracelets or men’s studs.
All our products are handcrafted by our local artisans in Mumbai. They are also made using the best quality CZ stones and plated in 18K gold. These qualities not only make the accessory extremely durable but also give the wearer a taste of luxury.
But like real gold and diamond jewellery, you wont have to break to bank to own an Orionz product. We are a sustainable brand and because we have a minimum wastage policy, hire local artisans and ethically produce our pieces, we are able to make the product extremely affordable for you.
It is time to take men’s fashion to the next level.