If you ask any experienced jewellery buyer, they will tell you that the most timeless piece of jewellery you can own is a Classic Solitaire Ring or a pair of Classic Solitaire Earrings. This is one item which can be passed down generations and will never go out of style.
An exquisitely crafted solitaire ring emphasizes style and elegance. No clutter, just a single beautiful diamond to adorn your fingers.
And well, though not all of us have the luxury to own a real diamond, there’s no reason we can’t still flaunt our sparkling fingers. Especially, with a ring no less beautiful than a real diamond one.
Our wide range of solitaire jewellery – rings, earrings and tennis bracelets has been created to fill this gap in the jewellery shopping experience. We bring to you perfectly spectacular and bright faux diamonds. Diamonds you can flaunt while not having to break into your savings.

All our faux diamond solitaires are AAA graded Cubic Zirconias which are the highest quality substitute for real diamonds. They promise a sparkle like no other.
Our Classic Solitaire Rings are carefully handcrafted by local artisans in our factory in Mumbai, India. Each piece is created with utmost attention to detail to provide our customers with the most gorgeous, well-finished & sustainable pieces.
If you are looking for a beautifully carved ring which is elegant yet unique, you must take a look at our collection of Stylish Contemporary Rings. However, if you are someone who likes a more classic, timeless and dainty ring, our collection of Engagement Rings is one to check out.
Versatile designs with a gorgeous finish is what makes our product stand out in a crowd.