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Mask Chains

With the Covid-19 Pandemic not deciding to leave us anytime soon, we need to be more aware of our safety and make it a part of our everyday lives. We have to invest in new accessories like face masks, gloves, face shields and more.
But who said being safe couldn’t be fashionable?
Here’s presenting – Beaded Mask Chains & 18K Gold Plated Mask Chains!
Ever since the pandemic took centre stage, there has been a multitude of fashion trends that have been unearthed. Mask chains in India have become a style statement. The most trending accessory in response to Covid-19.
No more leaving your masks on unhygienic countertops, car seats or stuffing them in pockets. These mask chains are the best way to keep your masks from getting contaminated and help you stay safe and healthy. Wearing it around your neck is possibly the most ideal and germ-free solution.
Additionally, with a plethora of options available, these mask holders offer oomph to elevate your day-to-day fashion no matter your age or gender. It is the perfect accessory to go from day to night with your everyday essential mask. Whether you are looking for something dainty or bold, we have got you covered for mask chains online in India.

Now, we hope that someday we’re not so dependent on a mask to go out and therefore, every mask chain from ​Orionz​ is multifunctional and can be used as a face mask holder, a sunglass chain, a necklace or even as a reading glasses holder. You choose how it best suits you. Every face mask chain comes with a pair of sunglass loops. These mask chains are unisex and can be used by both Women as well as Men.

We ensure that our products always bring you value; they are exquisite and trendy and here for the long haul.