All jewellery requires love & care. Our products are made of high quality and fine craftsmanship, so please follow the guidelines below to extend the life of your ORIONZ products.


  • Take off your jewellery before your daily rituals such as taking a shower, applying perfume & applying lotions.
  • Leave your jewellery at home before engaging in strenuous workouts and swimming.
  • Exposure to makeup, hairspray, oil & dyes can diminish the sparkle of your jewellery.
  • Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products, such as bleach, chlorine, salt water or other chemicals.
  • Powder coating can wear off through daily use. We do not offers repairs for this finish.

  • Apply a small amount of white vinegar with a Q-tip over the metal to remove tarnish. Be sure to rinse off the excess vinegar & dry it completely with a soft towel.
  • Hot water & harsh chemicals should be avoided at all times.
  • Do not use tissue paper, paper towels or cotton while cleaning your jewellery as it may cause scratching & leave fibres on the jewellery.

  • Store your ORIONZ accessory in the provided pouch and box in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures. This can also avoid scratches.
  • Before bedtime, lay your jewellery out flat.
  • For necklaces, please clasp the necklace after removing in order to avoid the chain from getting tangled.
  • Store your pieces separately so then don’t get entangled or scratched.

  • If you are allergic or sensitive to metals or have had green tainting before then you are likely to experience the same reaction.
  • Those that are sensitive to metals should not purchase copper/brass based jewellery and instead opt for our Stainless Steel jewellery or Solid Gold jewellery (available for custom order).
  • Our 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery (all 925 Sterling Silver contains 92.5% sterling silver and 6.5% copper) which may be a better option for you if have had green tainting before.

  • IMPORTANT: Traces of copper will be found in Gold/Rose Gold plating as this contributes to the colouring of the metal. In some extreme cases of sensitive, highly acidic skin, you may experience some oxidisation (slight greening). The other main cause of oxidisation is chemicals found in hand creams. This is in fact a common trait in even the finest of jewellery, however if you wish to get more information on our plating and how to prevent any oxidisation, we advise you to read our Green Finger Guide to understand why a person’s finger might turn green and how to prevent it.

    We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may take place; It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all precautions are taken as we are unable to know each individual's allergies and sensitivities.

    Alternatively, you contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help.


    Silver can get oxidised and in some cases it will travel through the plating and show as a discolouring of the gold plating. If you see a light discolour, you can use a silver polishing cloth and rub on the area until it’s gone.

    If your jewellery is showing heavy signs of oxidisation, we recommend you dip a polishing cloth into some silver cleaning solution and rub on the areas affected. This works brilliantly. Do NOT dip the jewellery into the silver clean solution, as it can damage elements like, pearls, rubber, stones etc.

    After the cleaning rinse the jewellery in water to remove any leftover chemicals.


    Disclaimer: Each piece is handmade and very intricately done. Hence minor speck marks are part of the product, and not a defect. Every ORIONZ accessory may contain semi-precious stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals that may vary in shape, size and colour. Please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services at +91-9821530396 or email us at on how to take care of your ORIONZ item.