Our ancestors loved their bright coloured, big-stoned, festive jewellery. They were always drawn to diamonds as big as the Koh-i-Noor and heavy jadau necklaces and shiny chaand balis. But millennial Indians are drawn to a more contemporary aesthetic.
Rather than investing in 1 large expensive jewellery set, we prefer having many smaller everyday wear or dainty evening wear pieces. Our jewellery boxes are made of all kinds of pieces which each have a different character. Some are artistic pieces, some timeless and some very stylish ones too.
If you too are looking for stylish contemporary jewellery that is easy on the eyes and wallet, then we’ve got the perfect collection with just the right amount of bling to help you shine on. Our Stylish Contemporary Collection helps you stay on trend and keep your Instagram looks up-to-date. With a mix of gender-fluid jewellery, everyday wearable pieces and modern statement pieces this collection is perfect for those who want to add a fashionable touch to their outfit. Inspired by the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship with a ix of global influence we have created wearable and affordable pieces of art, inspired by nature, trends and more.
Going beyond the usual loud coloured stones and dazzling metals, our stylish contemporary jewellery designs are whimsical, charming and sparkly – everything you need to make your ‘diva-like’ appearance come to life. From art deco hoops to big beautiful statement rings, we have you covered with some very exquisite pieces. If you are looking for a gorgeous cocktail ring or a pair of unique pearl earrings look no further. We also have a wide range of tennis bracelets for you to choose from.
Our pieces are all made in 925 sterling silver and coated in 18k gold plating to give you a product worth every penny.