ORIONZ was born from the union of ethics and aesthetics.  When it comes to sustainable fashion, there’s a lot of talk about organic cotton or recycled polyester, but jewellery is often left out of the conversation.

Of course, making smart, sustainable choices when it comes to shopping will always benefit in the long run - for both the planet and your pocket. With eco-conscious shopping now front of mind for most consumers, we are proud to call ourselves a 100% sustainable brand.

All our jewellery is made from a mix of new, old, re-used, up-cycled and natural materials, and each handmade piece references a unique time and place in the collective human consciousness.

Our products are handmade in Mumbai, supporting local businesses and providing jobs here in India. This is something we are very transparent about as we believe it's important for people to know where their jewellery is coming from.

The brand's designers work with local artisans on only a few key designs in small quantities, meaning that they sell everything they produce, reducing leftover waste. We treat jewellery with the idea that it reflects personal taste and won't go out of style in a matter of months.

All our packaging is designed keeping in mind minimal use of plastic and its wastage. In fact we go a step ahead and try to refrain the use of plastic by our delivery partners as well.

Ethical production and honest social responsibility are the foundations on which we have built our brand.

Under our Sustainable Jewellery initiative, as a service we offer repairs & re-polishing for most of our products for lifetime on chargeable basis.

Should you need to have your ORIONZ product repaired or re-polished, please do contact us via email at or via Whatsapp at +91-9821530396.