Today you don't have to be a rebel without a cause or a salty sailor to sport an earring. Men's earrings have become an ongoing global trend that has swept the world off its feet. With remote working and formal workplaces getting a little flexible, more men are opting for this adorable lobe adornment!

Ear Stud for men is a super easy way to put your personality forward. From being the efficient work colleague in a sharp suit to being the breezy boy next door in cute casuals, rock a range of attractive diamond stud earrings for men. Now, you don't have to just limit your fashion statement to wristwatches and special occasion cufflinks, and tie pins alone. Don't be shy and put your style-forward foot with our men's studs.

Though you might diss men's ear studs for their blink-and-you-miss-it size, diamond ear studs for men are a powerful accessory. The right kind of design affects how your face is visually perceived. The quality of the metal and gemstones affect how your status is evaluated. And the right kind of sophistication affects how you as a person are perceived.

That's why finding a trusted accessory companion is so pivotal in your style game. We, at Orionz, keep a constant eye on quality and production. Our extensive research and ages of professional exposure have given us a knack for both trendy and timeless designs. We understand that versatile jewellery is the need of the hour and our collection reflects that. From festive pieces to daily wear, from accompanying ethnic ensembles to western wear, our full range covers all the earring requirements of a modern man.

Starting from basic diamond ear studs for men in round-cut and square-cut cubic zirconia to more elaborate yet elegant glitter-bombs like Victorian Ear Stud and Inverted Grace Ear Stud, our diamond studs for men repertoire sparkles with thoughtful picks. To give some oomph to solitaire designs, we have incorporated contemporary shapes in the rims like the Hexadic Bezel and Concaved Quad Bezel. We switched up the solitaire cuts and colours by introducing edgy black avatars with these Black Brilliant Bezel and Black Triangle. Our latest launch has been these exquisite pieces - magic created with these tiny multiple solitaires and huggy hoops. Our dressy and dapper pieces like Valiant Princess Solitaire and Dollar Sign Men's Stud are a fantastic addition to your accessories collection meant for those special occasions. Our balis and huggies like Legion Solitaires Men's Hoop Earrings and Round Solitaire Bali for Men can be worn at casual parties and graceful evening do's.

But we are not all style and no substance! You will be glad to know that our ear studs are crafted from 925 Sterling Silver. All our men's studs have an 18k Gold Plating for Anti Tarnish. Available in Yellow Gold plating and White Gold plating, they complement all our skin tones. We use AAA-graded Swiss Cut Cubic Zirconia. And every purchase comes with an assured Certificate of Authenticity. All our products are handmade in Mumbai and we are a proud Made in India brand.

When you pick us as your accessory partner, not only you are wearing a trustworthy fashion jewellery brand but you are also associating with a 100% sustainable company. Yes, now you can be a stylish earth warrior. Become a part of our eco journey where we minimize the use of plastic packaging both at our end as well as by our delivery partners. Under our Sustainable Jewellery initiative, as a service, we offer repairs and repolishing for most of our products for a lifetime on a chargeable basis.