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Silver Jewellery Sale

Every person’s three favourite words: “That’s on SALE”.
We wait for 2 (or sometimes 3) months for a great sale to come around, just so we can buy all those beautiful products that we have been eyeing for a while now. Especially on those days when you don’t want to splurge, or towards the end of the month when you know you need to start saving up, you don’t feel like buying luxury items for yourself. But what if we told you that these already affordable pieces of jewellery were going to be available to you at even better prices!

PS: If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it!
You have the opportunity to purchase some of your favourite items from our current and previous collections at a super affordable price – what’s not to like about that?
We have a wide range of jewellery from stylish and modern to classic evergreen to intricate festive pieces. You will find something to fall in love with.
Our sales are for a limited time period only so grab the products before they are off the sale shelves.
All our jewellery is made in 925 sterling silver and set with AAA graded cubic zirconias. They are also plated in 18k gold to give you the look and feel of real gold and diamond jewellery.
Each piece is handcrafted by our local artisans in Mumbai to give you a unique product and beautiful looking jewellery.
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