A necklace is a real eye-catcher. You can play with the styles and make a statement just by choosing the right pieces to go with your look. The Orionz Necklace Collection has pieces for multiple occasions, like representing something that’s important to you, making a statement, or attracting eyes to the most elegantly sexy part of the human body – the neck and collar bones. Made in 925 Sterling Silver, plated in 18k Gold and set with AAA Graded Swiss Cut Cubic Zirconias, our collection embodies a luxurious aura of feminine and bold.
We have popular necklace styles that are suitable for all seasons and will take you all the way from spring to winter. One of the most significant trends we have seen in recent times is layering. From simple staggered pendants to multiple dainty layers, we have a wide range of choices for you. In terms of trending metals, we have everything from your beautiful and shiny yellow gold to the safe and bright white gold finish. Rose gold necklaces are also available in some of our designs.
Our jewellery is designed and manufactured to mimic the look and feel of real diamond jewellery. The zirconia necklaces are a classy yet affordable alternative to the luxurious pricey diamond necklaces. This is what makes these stunning pieces of jewellery so popular amongst men and women of all ages.
Each of our pieces is handcrafted by skilled artisans at our factory in Mumbai. All our materials are ethically sourced and recycled wherever possible. Every piece is paid utmost attention to detail to create timeless designs and sustainable jewellery pieces. From sexy and feminine women’s jewellery collections to subtle yet striking men’s jewellery collections – we have something to suit every need.
These necklaces also make for great gifts. They are an easy option to buy for just about any woman in your life. It isn’t too bold like a ring and neither is it as casual as gifting a fun bracelet. It is a perfect gift for your best friend, sister, mother, aunt, grandma, teacher, girlfriend and more. They also make for beautiful and unique bridesmaid gifts.
You can shop from our online collection and have the product delivered to you in as soon as a week’s time.